What the Freeq is an Infoceutical? (IC’s)

So what are infoceuticals ( IC’s)?
Lots of people are familiar with homeopathy, so we can try to explain from that side. In homeopathy during the process of dilution, information is imprinted on water. We can call Infoceuticals – digital/electronic homeopathy. We store unique signatures of substances (electromagnetic spectrum) in a digital file (like a song) and when we need it, we transfer them to water or into a product (cream or cleanser). So when we drink water or apply a product infused with IC’s, those electromagnetic signals interact with organs, cells, and receptors in our body healing us from the inside out!
So how do the frequencies get transferred?
The transfer device-called the IC Pad-receives the electrical signals (different frequencies) from the computer headphones output.
The IC Pad then amplifies that signal and generates electromagnetic waves.
Additionally, it emits blue light that penetrates water the product to help imprint the signal.
In some ways the IC Pad works in a similar way to headphones, but instead of sound waves, it emits electromagnetic waves. 
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